Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Nepal Earthquake[Taking A Stand]

Hello Guys and Girls,
      As you may know, a tragic earthquake with 7.8 magnitude hit Nepal on April 25th. It killed over 8,000 people, and most people support Nepal by fundraising. It has the great Mt. Everest, and they started a lot of fundraising for them. I just feel there is no thing that can undo the 8,000 deaths. One life is so much, just so precious. Most of us want to live a good life, and prosper. I see through my eyes, and I feel how much I want to live. I see everything, and I think I don't just want my life to end today. We each know our lives already. One life is so precious. People may not think about it, but it's true. The people in Nepal see like us,in our every day lives. They want to be just like us.  I think that they should have more warning systems, people seemed fortunate in Nepal before the earthquake. They could've donated there money toward government to help their warning systems. They'll get an earthquake every 40 years with a magnitude of 7.8 to 8.0+. That is a pretty hard shaken earthquake. They also need good warning systems because Nepal had the largest mountain. Mt. Everest. The earthquake caused an avalanche on there, and a survivor "Andrew Towne was eating lunch,  when the ground below him began to shake." The avalanche killed 19 people again in the start of the blog one life is precious.  Also, injuring 20,000 people after the second earthquake. A natural disaster, than another natural disaster. It was like a chain reaction. Maybe not at the second, but it eventually happened. This is why we should also fund raise for them to get better warning systems. Maybe 3/4 of the money can go toward rebuilding the great city, fixing the damage. And 1/4 can go for warning systems just in case another earthquake hits. Even though we can't put warning systems in Everest. As technology advances, with a watch that acts like your phone, or robots. Maybe someday we'll make warning systems that can reach to Everest.
Nepal Earthquake- Wikipedia

Thanks And Bless The Families Or People Suffering In Nepal,
Mizz Twisted