Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Traditional Fun[SBC, For Fun]

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
Seaweed Soup, Sound A Lot Better In Korean
      This is a just for fun post for the SBC,[Student Blogging Challenge] since my class has probably been disqualified. Mainly because our class hasn't done any of the tasks on time, or any of them. Well a few months ago I celebrated an event Of Chinese New Year. I am Korean, but Korea, Japan, China, most Asian countries will celebrate it.  We all wear traditional clothes, eat sugary dumpling like dough. Sushi, occasionally in my family. Seaweed soup, it tastes a lot better than it sounds.  Dumplings, we bow in front of our family. We will normally get money from bowing.  We have great celebrations with women dancing traditional dances. Also great sweet sugary food being served at market. We dance, and have fun no matter what. [Most of the time] Even though I am in America, we still eat sugary dumpling, and do the bows.
Women Dance for New Year In Tradition New Year Uniform
Mizz Twisted

We Wear Traditional Clothes/ Bow and Receive Money

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  1. How interesting it looks like. I had never heard about it so, thank you to make me know a bit more about oversee cultures . Keep rocking it!