Thursday, March 26, 2015

Weekly Saying

Hello Guys and Girls,
    Again, I apologize for the lack of posts. I have been really busy and I had a fever last week. I also recently got back from a road trip. [Look For The Post In The Future] I have decided to do Weekly Sayings to help you when maybe life gets tough. I can't do Daily I apologize, I can't even keep up with my Daily Verse's. So this saying was from one of my favorite youtubers BubzVlogz. A fan made her a inspiration jar, and I loved one of the sayings in it.

 Don't complain about having no time, you've had the same 24 hours George Washington had, the same 24 hour Thomas Edison had, the same 24 hours every one has.

So hope you guys enjoy! Hope this saying helps you out, and good luck.[P.S I revised this saying, I made it into my own words.]

Mizz Twisted :D


  1. I´m really happy to have your blogging posts back! Are you feeling better after your fever? Don´t worry about time, I usually busy trying to do my best in everything I have to do. I just can say to you... "We need MORE HOURS A DAY, HOW can we do that?" :P Happy holidays little boy! :)

    1. I agree we do need more hours a day, I used to think Daylight Savings gave us more hours since we had more sunshine. Thank you for the kindness, I have been doing better. All of my symptoms have reduced to a light cough.
      -Mizz Twisted

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