Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hurt People Hurt Others[Bullying]

Hello Girls and Guys,
    It's time for... another bullying blog post. Yes I do repeat topics, but these things are so important in life . Bullying has it's pros and cons. I am a stronger person because of bullying and when you feel frail and fragile in the moment that's when you blossom. I am a Korean American, my heritage is Korean but I was born in America. People bullied me for being Korean they said I smelled weird, and I looked funny. I love my heritage and I'm no ashamed of it. They thought I looked weird because of my cleft palate.  But Hurt People, Hurt others, there was a boy that I was being bullied by... he was the meanest person I met. He bullied me of my heritage, and that I had cleft palate. I would go home crying because of him, he brought me a "gift" of sorrow.  When he got busted and he almost lost all his friends, he started talking back to teachers. I was eavesdropping because I felt a bit of joy for him getting busted.[I know that makes me a bit of a bad person.] But when the teachers mentioned talking to his his parents,  he got scared and got quiet, to me it must have been Hurt People, Hurt Others magic. I think his parents maybe aren't treating him well, or he gets in trouble way too much....
    Bullying isn't fun we never ask for it, we never want it, yet we get it.  I hope that the people reading this post are not bullies and are marching through life proudly. I would never wish for something I have gone through, but it happens.  March through life proudly because you are, and can be the best person of you, you can be.

Mizz Twisted :)


  1. Don´t worry for that any longer. I´m sure that bullying has made you stronger and THAT must be the only important point you should keep in your mind. Well, I should also tell you that you have helped me to increase my English vocabulary; you have made me looked for the words "cleft palate" in a dictionary because I had not ever heard it before. Thank you :)

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  3. I am looking foward to reading another piece of writing. Have another go, you are quite a good writter! =)