Thursday, March 26, 2015

Fish Family Tree

Hello Guys and Girls,
    I love most animals, some of them I am absolutely terrified of, like snakes. Snakes give me the chills. Unfortunately we have never gotten a interactive pet. All I have are fish. I just like to stare at them seeing if they can do tricks like dogs. Just Kidding! I used to do that though. I have had a long but short history of fish. I had my first Beta fish when I was 5 I wasn't very smart so I gave him/her the name of Bluey because he/she was a blue fish. Then 2-3 years later it died. :( Don't worry I got so sad my parents got me a new Beta fish. It was again a blue Beta fish, and I thought it blew a lot of bubbles so I name it Bubbles. Eventually it became Bubbly. Which I found an embarrassing name later on. Then I thought it was a magic fish and carried it onto my counter top. My parents walked into me poking it with a pencil. While I was frustrated trying to figure out how to get it to do tricks. Then my mom or dad put it back into the tank. I didn't understand why at the time, but I was mad.[Sorry about the slight animal abuse, but I was young I had no idea.] My fish lived a good average three years though. Then I was done with the fish. A few years later  I decided to get another pet. Why? Because when I was in the hospital with my tongue-flap surgery. A kind man brought in his dog. I was overjoyed seeing it. I thought I must have another pet soon! So a few months later we cleared up the counter and brought three new fish home! My brother and I were planning to name them after states in the United States, but then I decided to name them after space objects. I name my orange fish Starburst. [This fish was named mainly after candy. Woops] My purple fish Galactic, and my blue fish Comet. Eventually Galactic and Comet decided to try and kill Starburst and it didn't turn out well. My brother was devastated when he saw Starburst dying, we pulled him out of the tank and put him somewhere with water. When we left he died. My brother started crying as my dad told us if we pay for a new fish we can get another one. So we headed off to the store to get a new fish. We got a new orange fish, then a few months later, our purple fish got stuck in the cleaning filter and...... died. We didn't want to go back to the pet store so we left it like that we never found the fish's body. Then our blue fish randomly died recently, we don'y know why. So now it's only our orange fish. I am left clueless what I named it. I think I forgot to name it. Well guys this is my Fish Family Tree. Hope you enjoyed this story. Sorry it was a bit sad.

Mizz Twisted
[Also check out my good friend's blogs Dancing All About. She inspired this topic with her blog post about her dogs.]


  1. many fish have you had? I have enjoyed your writing through, as you have said, it is kind of sad. Don´t worry at all, they will be in a peaseful place, I´m sure.

    You are doing well on the Student Blogging Challenge with all your posts. I really looking forward to your next piece of writing. What is it going to be about? :)

    Sorry, I forgot to tell you that I have had some fish too when I was young (not as much as you!) and also a guinea pig. He was called "Rayito" (little stripe in English) as he had a curved white stripe on his forehead. He was cool. I sometimes miss his company :(

    Your #stubc15 mentor, Marta.

    1. I have just left your best friend a message on her blog too as you have recommended me to visit it. Her dog is so cute! :)

    2. I have always wanted a guinea pig. Unfortuatley my parents wanted to see if I was responsible enough to take care of the guinea pig. So they got me the fish after my surgery as a "test." I forgot to mention in my post about that detail too.
      To answer your question, I am pretty sure I have had 6 fish in total.Now my brother wants a dog so my parents kind of forgot the whole guinea pig deal. Thank you for checking out my friends blog and for the kind words. :)
      -Mizz Twisted

  2. Hello! I am a friend of Marta, your mentor! I have just seen a very nice coment about your blog and I was curious. I read your post and remind me when I was your age and everyhing I could have were fish. OMG! I had lots of fish. I have never figured out WHY they die!?? But all of them died soon or later.
    Now that I'm older.... I have a dog a very nice, quiet and lovely dog who just two days ago has been atacked by a bigger dog. Even though her whole body is killing her... she is happy and lovely as always!
    Pets or specially dogs are the best friend you can have.
    Regards from Spain!
    Keep rocking with your blog.
    It's awsome!