Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Door Of Hope

Hello Guys and Girls,
        So I'm pretty sure we know what a hardship is from a tough time, but there will most likely after that door of dread will open a new one to a door of hope. I've been through a lot, through surgery and bullying[Every Year] and it isn't a pleasant feeling. I always get depressed or mad, or just really moody. Going back to that door of hope, even though that door of hope could take 5 years to open but it will open someday. There was a girl, back to my first post about bullying, a door of hope opened though. I had a good friend, we didn't know we were friends in till last minute. Then I left that school because I got older and it was time for a new school. Well I was taking Swim Lessons and I bumped into my long lost friend. That was my door of hope after a dark time, and that happened about 3 years after that bullying. In life we have to be patient and when we least expect it Bam! a miracle could happen. I always wish the best out of people because I wasn't sure if I would get a good life or not. Don't doubt life no matter what, because most of the time something good or bad will come out of it, it's kind of like karma. When you throw something it will come back at you.

Thanks And Good Luck,
Mizz Twisted

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  1. Excellent written. I wish everyone around the world could think as you does. Congratulation!