Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Zen Tangle

Hey Guys and Girls,
     I found a love for doodling which actually turn out to be beautiful designs. I was an okay artist, my art work didn't look too shabby. My art teacher  taught us zen tangles, and even though that was like three months ago I still remember it. Well I decided to pick up my pencil when I was bored and just randomly started drawing designs. eventually it looked like a zen tangle. Even though I wasn't
Zen Tangle-Out On A Whim~Flickr
purposely trying to make it, my friend said it's like a trash art/abstract/zen tangle.[My artwork isn't actual trash art, it's just combing things that look good, and turn out to be beautiful.] I love designing and so far most of my art work is nature, starting off with a flower and keep adding onto it Well this seems about it, feel free to feed my Koi Fish and feed them in my koi pond.

Mizz Twisted :)

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