Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wishing For Spring

Hey Guys,
     The Ground Hog saw his shadow unfortunately so we get six more weeks of winter. I wanted Spring to come back so I made a poem. Please do not judge badly I am not a good poet, but I love writing poetry.
It's Called Wishing For Spring

Wishing For Spring

I wish for the sun to bloom out of the sun like a daisy

Waiting for all the spring poises

Hoping for some fresh delight

Grass will Sway all they want

 And the rain will dance along

Trees a breeze flying branch by branch

Loving The Wet and Earth all I want

Hoping for some warmth, and for the sun to come back

Hoping for a little breeze, flying by what a please

Earth will decide what choice to make

Little By Little Everyday

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