Thursday, January 15, 2015

How Can I Make A Difference?

Hey Guys,
   Change starts off with one simple thing, but how can 1 person impact the world? To make the difference you have to put effort no effort means no change. In a poor country I have a friend named Adrian. She can't afford food very well it's difficult for her to get into school but my church entered a non profit organization for giving goods,needs, and money to those who need it. I've been in the program for quite a while now, Adrian now is in school, church, she has money for food, and a roof over her head. When I was 6 Adrian would write too me every month. She would keep me updated on what she has. It was hard for me to get money when I was little, I only had two pennies. That was all I had, my parents would give her a hundred dollars. My two pennies helped a lifetime for her. Yes two pennies is not much,but it could be worth more too her. I started off with one person now she can help another someday.

Mizz Twisted

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