Monday, December 15, 2014

Standing Out

Hey Guys,

     So I have a dysfunction called cleft palette. When I was born the entire roof of my mouth was gone, I never drank my mother's milk like all of you have probably done. I had to have a feeding tube for two months and take a jumble of surgeries here and there. My first surgery was when I was just two months. I have scars on my upper lip from surgery, most people have judged me because I was a different race I looked funny[I will admit that] and my speech was off. Growing up to now was hard mainly because of bullying. On my first post you'll king of understand what I'm talking about. I was hurt scarred for life people will say but those scars stay there but heal just a bit. I always thought of myself as outcast and I always wished just to blend it a bit. I am blending in but I'm still different, people know how this feels. It's just people can be rude because they don't realize we have a voice we have feelings too. Tears of joy to tears of sadness sometime people don't even care about your life only that your hurt and they think it's funny. I know you guys are probably annoyed about all my happiness posts and bullying.  I'm just going to say think about it, my whole life I have been known as an ugly kid. People think my posture isn't great, I have scars everywhere, I have parts of my body at different parts of my body and more. It's just think about it if you had to live my life what do you think? Don't say i'll be fine i'll get over it. STOP if your going to say that. I heard a boy say I will be fine if I get bullied, one year later he got bullied. Worst pain of his life he thought he wouldn't care but he did.  You can't feel what i've gone through but you can't say that i'll be fine. Not allowed on this post that i'll be fine standing out in my kind of position. I have gone over it a bit because i've stayed like this all these years.  You are at a Choir concert everybody is singing and you have a solo you sing a different song, that's my position.[Sort of] Being different is hard but it has also helped me. I am just going to say this question and I want your guy's opinion.

  When you stand out, how will you overcome it without saying i'm fine?

Mizz Twisted

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  1. I don't know what to say. It's not fair that people are treated differently just because they look different. I hope you know that your close friends accept you for the funny, happy, smart kid that you are.