Thursday, December 11, 2014

My Dream Job

Hey Guys,

     I know I am pretty young, and still have years of schooling that I need to do before I consider this. I am thinking about my dream job, but it may not be the most luxurious. I want to be a good pediatrician when I grow up so I can be there to put a smile on other kids faces. I know that there are kids that can't afford a doctor and there getting sick and ill. I want to be the one to make them happy and tell them that they don't have too worry anymore. There are kids out that get sick way too often ,or they get a virus, or something is messed up in there blood. I want to be the one too fix it and put them  out of there pain. I'm pretty sure all of us have gotten sick and it sucks a lot. The kids out there they can't get the good medicine. You can get better in a few days with good care and medicine. There are kids that stay sick for months because they can't get taken care of. I want to open my own little facility but still gave a great amount of patients with me. My care will be cheap, but enough to keep my doctoring going to the supplies to the bills. Maybe I will also put a little medicine shop in there so if you don't want the horrible shots, you can get the good medicine.  My dream is a little over the top but i'm working to achieve that, even though it will be tough it will be worth it to see those people that get horribly sick, smile for once.

What is your dream job?

Mizz Twisted

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