Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Live Die Repeat

Hey Guys,

        I watched a movie called Live Die Repeat it was AMAZING! Yes, it was violent, sad, and a little scary but so far after that it was such a great movie.  There is a man named Cade who enters the army to fight aliens called Mimics. They problem is they can predict every attack the army plans on them. Cade kills a rare Mimic that gives him the power to reset time when he dies. Rita also could do that in a different war against aliens like Mimics but lost it. When she was injured on the battle field and knocked out they put someone else's blood in her veins which made her loose the power. The power is stored in your veins so when your injured you have to die in the field. She trains Cade and lets him learn more about how to kill the Mimics, every time he gets hurt during training Rita is forced to kill him until he can defeat training. He killed the Alpha for the powers he has to kill the Omega to win the war. He gets a vision about where the Omega is when he gets there he is ambushed by two other deadly Mimics. The hospital puts someone else's blood in his veins as he loses his power, he tells Rita, t"hat there just going to ambush us we can't stop them." Finally he gets a gadget that can tell where the Omega is, he goes to Paris to find the Omega. Cade goes into battle with the Omega. Will he live or die, will he ever win the war. Find out in Live Die Repeat The Edge Of Tomorrow

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