Monday, November 24, 2014


Hey Musicians,

     I am a violinist, and I have played for seven years as far as I can remember. People say violin is the easiest string instrument, but as you move along it gets harder. Vibrato is one of the challenges of violin[Even I haven't mastered it] unless you have very skillful hands it's hard. I am working on a very famous piece called Concertino. Unfortunately I have to play vibrato in it to make it sound complete. Don't be discouraged i'm one of the slower learners in violin, you may be the person that learns it in a week who knows.

I have a few tips for playing violin:
Vibrato is what you learn after you can play a few famous pieces[depending who your teacher is]
If your starting out don't worry about vibrato
Violin is easy to start out with
The basics you will be finished in about a week or two
Clean your violin[without soap and water]
Make sure to rosin your bow
Any tips I missed I will add on later...

Mizz Twisted

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  1. I liked how you told how to take care of you violin and that it is not easy in the end