Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mocking Jay Part 1

Hey Guys, 
 I watched a movie called Mocking Jay Part 1, it was such a great movies. One of my favorite songs in there is Hanging Tree. An Alister[the capitol cut off there tongue] asked in hand motion to sing because the mocking jays were singing. Katniss was the sign of rebellion to the capitol because of her defiance in the Hunger Games. She made District 13 make a deal to be the mocking jay[person leading rebellion] to save the victors from the capitol. Also let her sister keep her cat Buttercup. If she fails the duties of mocking jay the deal is off and they must find a new face of mocking jay. The capitol has made Peeta go insane before they poisoned his mind. Out of torture, getting beat up, he didn't agree with the capitol. Finally the capitol make Peeta go insane, they poison his mind with tracker jacker juice to make him afraid of Katniss. Katniss flies around every district hoping to find a new district to alliance with in the rebellion. District 8 joins them, but they get bombed. Will Katniss cure Peeta and change his ways or the fall of Panem comes at hand. If you want to learn more read Mocking Jay or watch Mocking Jay Part 1.

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