Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lung Breaker

Hey Swimmers,
      I am on a swim team called Hurricane, and we can have some pretty crazy drills.[Drills are breaking apart a stroke like freestyle and working on it] We have the fist drill that we have to ball up our hands and swim, and if you think this is easy, trust me it's hard. We have a drill-ish thing called lung breaker. It's when you have to swim a certain amount like a 25 or 50 and you CAN'T breathe. A lot of people kept on complaining to my coach that they were holding there breath too long and it's too hard. I told them the word impossible means i'm possible then they finally stopped complaining. We had to do four 25's without breathing. We could only breathe four times in ALL of the 25's it was extreme but I made it. I breathed two times and the whole lane could only breathe 12 times. Only I breathed so luckily they didn't breathe. Lung breaker is a hard drill-ish but when your in the water, think about something else then breathing like.... ponies, soccer, football,books,  those things that make you happy. Try not to look at the water mainly because that will make you wanna breathe. Hope you all have a good day[or night] and I will get to you soon.

Mizz Twisted

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