Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Hey Guys,

       [Sorry this is kind of a spoiler post]
               My mom showed me the trailer for a movie called Interstellar, it looks amazing. Its about a dad going into space at first it looks like his kids are coming with him it's not. He goes with three other people. Two boys and one girl named Dr.Brand. The human race is dying and the only food source is corn. The dad finds a hidden base called Nasa and learns the secrets the government is hiding. Nasa got shut down because the government still wants run, and make sure no one thinks there dying but everybody knows. A man named Professer Brand.[his daughter is Dr.Brand] They learn that all the corn sources will die and eventually we will starve to death. They have a plan to repopulate on another planet before they all die for another generation. The plan backfires a lot, and the laws of gravity aren't in there favor. Four people in space, on a dangerous mission and only two are alive. One drowns and the other blows up in an explosion. One is strand on a planet with only enough supplies[and a robot] to last a year. Will Murph[the dads daughter] ever forgiver he dad for abandoning her and not keeping his promise that once she was his age he would come back. Will the mission succeed? Find out in Interstella.

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