Thursday, November 20, 2014

High School Story

Hey All Gamers,
     Are you bored out of you mind, and wishing for an addictive game? Try High School Story its fun and addictive, but it can also be annoying. You make your own character from the options of nerd, prep, or jock. My character is a jock[not going to tell names!!!] and a girl. You start off with a plot of land when a NICE girl comes from Hearst High to your starting school. Everybody at Hearst High is mean or a bully unless they transfer to your school. You can buy more classmates, complete quests, expand your school, buy more buildings, and so much more. I have been playing the games for about a month now and it is so much fun. I am addicted to the game[but not crazy] it's a nice game to play when you finish homework, or you are feeling bored and bummed. There are the bad things about it. Ads are my pest peeve on the game they pop up and there so hard to exit out of. The x on it is so tiny that once you try to click it it goes to that page. Luckily I have a Samsung Tablet 7.0, so I have the back button. Rings are hard to keep track of though. For quests I have to spend like 200 rings just to do it. Please please please make quests cheaper. Also the quests the box shines when a quest is completed or a ad will give you 2 rings and they keep on shining. I really don't care about a ad for 2 rings in till I finished what I went on for.  Also polls, they are so so so annoying when ad comes up. Let me answer questions in peace! So I hope you install High School Story on your mobile device.[Even though it pests peeves me sometimes]

Mizz Twisted

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  1. Hey Guys,
    Sorry I did make a few errors in this blog post and probably the others. So sorry I will get to that as soon as possible.
    Thanks and Apoligies,
    Mizz Twisted