Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Hey Guys,

        I have had a few issues with a girl who kind of was bullying me in a way, and  I am a little scared to talk to her because I have had past bullying experiences.[a lot] All of them I told a teacher for guidance at the school and it never really helped. It either got worse or the teacher thought I was joking and didn't do anything about it. Bullying is a harsh thing especially if someone already suffered something already, like there dog died, there family is neglecting them, you don't feel loved, and more. In kindergarten I was a new kid I had already suffered from preschool bullying where a girl called me ugly and short. Just when you think you can trust your friend they just turn on you for some reason. I was scared to be a new kid especially because I couldn't take many surgeries because I was so little to take many of them. I had a lot of things wrong with me like my teeth, scars, and more. I was so sad and heart broken because of all the lies, words of hate, physical, and more. I was happy because I loved to play with my imagination and pretend I was Princess Leia from Star Wars. All of that ended on a cold day for me. I had to go to this daycare program because my parents were working. I was playing with two boys on Star Wars. One boy left while I was choosing who to be. I chose to me this girl who is called Padame and I talked really fast in kindergarten. Well when the other boy came back I talked really fast to explain my characters and they just laughed. The next day I went to that daycare program they told me to say these really dumb words they came up with, and I said them. They laughed there heart away because my speech is a little slury when I talked. The third day they shoved me to the ground my vision was blurry and my head hurt.  A whole group of people circled around me then a teacher came running to me. They lied that I fell and the other boys agreed that they witnessed it even though they only saw me on the ground. A couple days later I was done my heart couldn't take it but tears never fell from my eyes. I was crying on the inside they left a bunch of scars on me. Enough was enough for me, I never talked to them. Whenever they came near me I would always walk away from them. Then they told me to say a really weird word[that I never said] then they just laughed at me pretending that I said it. I stormed to them and told them, "enough is enough stop or else I will never come to this school and you won't pick on me EVER." That statement wasn't true but they stopped at an instant. They never talked to me except I am now friends with one of they boys he eventually said sorry to me. Bullying is a hard thing to control but show the bully you have power, and stand up for yourself. I didn't even have a friend when I was in kindergarten. Have Perseverence

Mizz Twisted


  1. WOW!! Thanks for sharing, I love this post and agree, stand up for yourself!!

  2. Why would people do this? You're so nice!

    Don't judge a person by how they look, but by who they are on the inside.

    1. Thanks,
      I agree people that judge you on the outside are eventually gonna have that come back to you probably.

  3. I don't understand why people do this sort of thing. I hope that the boy you're friends with now, treats you very nice. It's not cool for people to do that. But other then that your post was amazing!

  4. This was a very interesting I think this was good so this should stop bullying from growing.

  5. Mizz Twisted, I love how you told your experience with being bullied, and I to know how it feels like to be bullied. Its not fun. I hope that your blog helps bullies to stop bulling. PS. That really touched my heart.