Tuesday, November 25, 2014


 Hey Guys,

        So I know a lot of us have felt sad or lonely, but that's just our bruises and scars in life. All of those pains are going to heal in your heart, and when it's gnawing inside of you just listen to your favorite tunes and forget about it. I have gone through this a lot with bullying to family and it's hard trust me, but wait be patient with life. It's always made me a stronger person, and when I feel down I talk or text a friend about it. I did let myself cry but tears are the water drops to help the seed of life grow. If you feel sad play around with yourself like pretending you a famous dancer or hockey player, As a little girl I got horribly bullied in preschool, but I loved being a princess of the playground. If you just don't have energy remember if you went to Disney Land, or Paris. Think about the happy times and remember your smile on your face. I watch a youtuber named ihascupquake [Real name :Tiffany] and when she was in private school she was horribly bullied. You know what she said? She said, "Honestly the only thing that kept on letting me be happy was... smiling." "I would just shrug off there words and keep having a smile on my face, no matter how hurtful there words were ,smiling just made me happy."[Not the exact words but really close] That worked for me too, I try smiling every time i'm sad and I just feel a small burst of joy in my heart. These things may not help ,but everybody has a way of there own happiness and find it in your heart. Hope this helped. :)

Mizz Twisted

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  1. That is true. If you are bullied, just smile and pretend that what they're saying doesn't really matter. If you keep smiling, hurtful things seem not to matter.