Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Nepal Earthquake[Taking A Stand]

Hello Guys and Girls,
      As you may know, a tragic earthquake with 7.8 magnitude hit Nepal on April 25th. It killed over 8,000 people, and most people support Nepal by fundraising. It has the great Mt. Everest, and they started a lot of fundraising for them. I just feel there is no thing that can undo the 8,000 deaths. One life is so much, just so precious. Most of us want to live a good life, and prosper. I see through my eyes, and I feel how much I want to live. I see everything, and I think I don't just want my life to end today. We each know our lives already. One life is so precious. People may not think about it, but it's true. The people in Nepal see like us,in our every day lives. They want to be just like us.  I think that they should have more warning systems, people seemed fortunate in Nepal before the earthquake. They could've donated there money toward government to help their warning systems. They'll get an earthquake every 40 years with a magnitude of 7.8 to 8.0+. That is a pretty hard shaken earthquake. They also need good warning systems because Nepal had the largest mountain. Mt. Everest. The earthquake caused an avalanche on there, and a survivor "Andrew Towne was eating lunch,  when the ground below him began to shake." The avalanche killed 19 people again in the start of the blog one life is precious.  Also, injuring 20,000 people after the second earthquake. A natural disaster, than another natural disaster. It was like a chain reaction. Maybe not at the second, but it eventually happened. This is why we should also fund raise for them to get better warning systems. Maybe 3/4 of the money can go toward rebuilding the great city, fixing the damage. And 1/4 can go for warning systems just in case another earthquake hits. Even though we can't put warning systems in Everest. As technology advances, with a watch that acts like your phone, or robots. Maybe someday we'll make warning systems that can reach to Everest.
Nepal Earthquake- Wikipedia

Thanks And Bless The Families Or People Suffering In Nepal,
Mizz Twisted

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Traditional Fun[SBC, For Fun]

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
Seaweed Soup, Sound A Lot Better In Korean
      This is a just for fun post for the SBC,[Student Blogging Challenge] since my class has probably been disqualified. Mainly because our class hasn't done any of the tasks on time, or any of them. Well a few months ago I celebrated an event Of Chinese New Year. I am Korean, but Korea, Japan, China, most Asian countries will celebrate it.  We all wear traditional clothes, eat sugary dumpling like dough. Sushi, occasionally in my family. Seaweed soup, it tastes a lot better than it sounds.  Dumplings, we bow in front of our family. We will normally get money from bowing.  We have great celebrations with women dancing traditional dances. Also great sweet sugary food being served at market. We dance, and have fun no matter what. [Most of the time] Even though I am in America, we still eat sugary dumpling, and do the bows.
Women Dance for New Year In Tradition New Year Uniform
Mizz Twisted

We Wear Traditional Clothes/ Bow and Receive Money

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Road Trip!

Hello Guys and Girls,
     I recently came back from a fabulous road trip. I headed on a 7 hour drive to a hotel 40 minutes away from Mesa Verde right after church. I was extremely tired, and since I had a fever a week ago. My parents got worried and they took my to the doctor because I had another fever in the previous week. So the doctors prescribed 11 mg of what I call Yuck! Medicine. I had to take it through my whole road trip and the last dosage was on the last day. Going back to Mesa Verde, I saw the Spruce Tree House in Mesa Verde, and hiked Petroglyph Trail. I also had to do it to become a Jr. Ranger. We saw Cliff Palace, pit houses,  Sun Temple, almost every thing in Mesa Verde. After our exhausting day we headed to Pagosa Springs.  It was a lovely spring but reeked of rotten boiled egg. It was nice to relax, except when I wanted to go into the river near the springs that the springs owned. Right when my feet hit the water I almost shrieked and ran back to one of my favorite springs in the whole spring. [Pagosa has many springs, my favorite was The Columbine. It's average temperature was 102 degrees to 108 degrees.] The Columbine was my favorite because any other spring above 110 degrees fried me. Joking, but I got hot really fast and I didn't like it.  I also liked Dancing Water, and The Blue Lagoon in Pagosa. They weren't above 100 degrees and my brother kept jumping on my mom trying to get a piggy back then he did the same with me.:( Then after a day in the springs, my parents decided last minute since we had time. To head to the Great Sand Dunes National Park. It was fun in till the sandstorms hit. We weren't even close to our car so my mom pulled an Ikea bag over our heads and we stayed that way in till the sand storms stopped. It really hurt my feet though. By the time we reached our car, all of my family members had sand every where. In our shirts, pants, sweaters, shoes, even underwear! We got sand all over the car and I had to change clothes. Then we headed to our next hotel which was 2 1/2 hours away from the hotel. After that, My brother and I went snowboarding! It was difficult through the thick snow in the morning. Then in the afternoon the sun melted some of the snow so we could actually snow board without getting stuck in thick snow all the time. I fell a lot and hurt my tush though. Not a good car ride back home. :( I slept most of the way so it didn't bother me. Then we were at Home, Sweet, Home. :)
   Hope you guys enjoyed this post, and just in case all of the locations I went to on my road trip were in Colorado. I may do individual posts going more into detail about each location, but I don't know. Leave a comment if I should do individual posts, and please answer the poll at the side. That asks what type of music you prefer. I prefer classical because that is the gerne of music I play on my violin. Thank you guys for reading, and for such kind words. I will hopefully write another post soon. :)
Mizz Twisted :)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Fish Family Tree

Hello Guys and Girls,
    I love most animals, some of them I am absolutely terrified of, like snakes. Snakes give me the chills. Unfortunately we have never gotten a interactive pet. All I have are fish. I just like to stare at them seeing if they can do tricks like dogs. Just Kidding! I used to do that though. I have had a long but short history of fish. I had my first Beta fish when I was 5 I wasn't very smart so I gave him/her the name of Bluey because he/she was a blue fish. Then 2-3 years later it died. :( Don't worry I got so sad my parents got me a new Beta fish. It was again a blue Beta fish, and I thought it blew a lot of bubbles so I name it Bubbles. Eventually it became Bubbly. Which I found an embarrassing name later on. Then I thought it was a magic fish and carried it onto my counter top. My parents walked into me poking it with a pencil. While I was frustrated trying to figure out how to get it to do tricks. Then my mom or dad put it back into the tank. I didn't understand why at the time, but I was mad.[Sorry about the slight animal abuse, but I was young I had no idea.] My fish lived a good average three years though. Then I was done with the fish. A few years later  I decided to get another pet. Why? Because when I was in the hospital with my tongue-flap surgery. A kind man brought in his dog. I was overjoyed seeing it. I thought I must have another pet soon! So a few months later we cleared up the counter and brought three new fish home! My brother and I were planning to name them after states in the United States, but then I decided to name them after space objects. I name my orange fish Starburst. [This fish was named mainly after candy. Woops] My purple fish Galactic, and my blue fish Comet. Eventually Galactic and Comet decided to try and kill Starburst and it didn't turn out well. My brother was devastated when he saw Starburst dying, we pulled him out of the tank and put him somewhere with water. When we left he died. My brother started crying as my dad told us if we pay for a new fish we can get another one. So we headed off to the store to get a new fish. We got a new orange fish, then a few months later, our purple fish got stuck in the cleaning filter and...... died. We didn't want to go back to the pet store so we left it like that we never found the fish's body. Then our blue fish randomly died recently, we don'y know why. So now it's only our orange fish. I am left clueless what I named it. I think I forgot to name it. Well guys this is my Fish Family Tree. Hope you enjoyed this story. Sorry it was a bit sad.

Mizz Twisted
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Weekly Saying

Hello Guys and Girls,
    Again, I apologize for the lack of posts. I have been really busy and I had a fever last week. I also recently got back from a road trip. [Look For The Post In The Future] I have decided to do Weekly Sayings to help you when maybe life gets tough. I can't do Daily I apologize, I can't even keep up with my Daily Verse's. So this saying was from one of my favorite youtubers BubzVlogz. A fan made her a inspiration jar, and I loved one of the sayings in it.

 Don't complain about having no time, you've had the same 24 hours George Washington had, the same 24 hour Thomas Edison had, the same 24 hours every one has.

So hope you guys enjoy! Hope this saying helps you out, and good luck.[P.S I revised this saying, I made it into my own words.]

Mizz Twisted :D

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hurt People Hurt Others[Bullying]

Hello Girls and Guys,
    It's time for... another bullying blog post. Yes I do repeat topics, but these things are so important in life . Bullying has it's pros and cons. I am a stronger person because of bullying and when you feel frail and fragile in the moment that's when you blossom. I am a Korean American, my heritage is Korean but I was born in America. People bullied me for being Korean they said I smelled weird, and I looked funny. I love my heritage and I'm no ashamed of it. They thought I looked weird because of my cleft palate.  But Hurt People, Hurt others, there was a boy that I was being bullied by... he was the meanest person I met. He bullied me of my heritage, and that I had cleft palate. I would go home crying because of him, he brought me a "gift" of sorrow.  When he got busted and he almost lost all his friends, he started talking back to teachers. I was eavesdropping because I felt a bit of joy for him getting busted.[I know that makes me a bit of a bad person.] But when the teachers mentioned talking to his his parents,  he got scared and got quiet, to me it must have been Hurt People, Hurt Others magic. I think his parents maybe aren't treating him well, or he gets in trouble way too much....
    Bullying isn't fun we never ask for it, we never want it, yet we get it.  I hope that the people reading this post are not bullies and are marching through life proudly. I would never wish for something I have gone through, but it happens.  March through life proudly because you are, and can be the best person of you, you can be.

Mizz Twisted :)

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Verse 6

Hello Guys And Girls,
     It is time for another daily-ish verse. So this is a verse when people say "How do we have proof that God is real?" Well this verse will give you an answer. Lots of people tell me"Gods not real" well they don't have that proof. We actually have proof, people have witnessed the events of Jesus and carried it on, telling people around the world. That message still goes on today.
For We Walk By Faith
Not By Sight

2 Corinthians 5:7

Good Luck to all you Christen out there that have dealt with the same things I have.

Mizz Twisted